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We build Websites and Mobile applications, primarily for the Arts and Cultural sector. We have a product called Freedom CMS which does an awful lot for our customers - E Commerce, Asset Management, Page Management, Social Integration, Box Office Integration and much, much more.

We handle every stage of digital delivery - scoping, consultation, design, build, user testing and continuous integration. We look after our clients after we've launched their project - maintaining the infrastructure, helping with support requests and continuing to build out features based on direct customer feedback.

Our Services

E Commerce

By harnassing the power of the Freedom platform, we are able to create E Commerce sites that drive online retail sales and repeat purchases. Our E Commerce solution delivers a wealth of features including full content and product management, discounts and promotions, stock level specifications, transparent reporting, secure payment processing and integration with other systems.

Customer Relationship Management

We provides an administrative framework to assist with business management, marketing and communication and in doing so, generate additional revenue, increase memberships, enhance customer experience, streamline business processes and reduce costs. By integrating these features with all other aspects of the website, the administration experience is fluid and homogenous.

Digital Assets

In a world that is so media intensive, generating good looking media is one of the keys to unlocking digital potential. We look after all digital assets - images, videos and documents and make sure that when it leaves our system on its way to the end user it is optimised and delivered as quickly as possible using Content Delivery Networks around the world.

Infrastructure & Hosting

We have invested considerably in co location facilities which gives us maximum security and network redundancy. By understanding the advantages and limitations of owned hardware and cloud computing, we are able to transparently mix the two into a hybrid solution alongside Content Delivery Networks for maximum performance at the most competitive cost.

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications are an extension of a client's brand experience and we develop multi-platform solutions that keep pace with fragmentation and add value to an overall digital strategy. We have infrastrucutre and modules set up to move content in and out of the system via a normalised API. Because of the changes in website consumption patterns, we start all web projects as mobile first.

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